How to Mix 24-Calorie Similac

Similac offers a line of formula designed for premature infants, including Similac Advance, Isomil and Sensitive. The formula provides 24 calories per fluid ounce and is fortified with iron to give premature or low-birth-weight babies the nutrition they need. The formula may be prepared differently depending on its form: either powder or concentrated liquid. The formula must be mixed correctly to ensure that the baby receives the proper amount of calories and nutrients. Each method takes only a few minutes to prepare.

Washing and Sterilizing the Bottle

Wash all parts of the baby's bottle in warm, soapy water.

Boil a pot of water on the stove. Place the bottle components into the pot, and set a lid on the pan. Boil the bottle components for five minutes to sterilize them. Leave the lid on the pot and allow the parts to cool.

Boil the water that you will use to make the formula for one minute. Turn the heat off, place a lid on the pot, and allow the water to cool until it is warm.

Mixing the Formula


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Pour 13 ounces of Similac concentrated liquid and nine ounces of water into the bottle to make 22 ounces of formula. For a smaller amount, use three ounces of concentrated liquid and two ounces of water to make five ounces of formula.

If using Similac powder, pour five ounces of water into the bottle, along with three level scoops of the powder.

Shake the bottle or stir its contents thoroughly to mix them.

Refrigerate the unused portion of the formula for up to 48 hours.


Do not use this formula unless it has been prescribed by the baby's doctor. It is formulated specifically for low-birth-weight babies.