The Best Ways to Clean a Dr. Brown Bottle Warmer

Dr. Brown’s is a company that specializes in baby bottles and accessories.

The deluxe bottle warmer heats up most sizes of baby bottles efficiently and quickly, according to the manufacturer’s website.

The bottle warmer is also useful in helping to warm up jars of baby food. The user’s manual that accompanies the Dr. Brown bottle warmer provides instructions on how to best clean the appliance.


The deluxe bottle warmer fits all sizes of Dr. Brown’s bottles. It also fits most other bottles made by competitors. The appliance is designed to be easy to use, only requiring one hand.

The bottle warmer contains a water reservoir, which you refill as necessary.

It has a removable basket that you can adjust to fit your size bottle or jar of baby food. The bottle warmer also has a hinged lid, which allows the bottle to heat up quickly by trapping steam inside.


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You can clean your bottle warmer as necessary. Empty all of the remaining water from the unit and remove the water reservoir. Using a damp sponge or cloth and mild dish soap, wipe down the exterior and interior of the bottle warmer. The removable baskets on the unit can be placed in the dishwasher on the top shelf. You can also wash the baskets with warm soapy water. Allow the unit and baskets to air dry before reassembling.


The bottle warmer needs to be de-scaled every four weeks to ensure that it continues to function properly.

Pour any of the remaining water out of the chamber and reservoir before de-scaling the bottle warmer.

Mix 2 ounces of white vinegar with 4 ounces of cold water in the water reservoir.

Run the appliance as you normally would with the vinegar mixture. Vinegar is a natural remedy to help reduce grease and acts as a mild disinfectant.


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It is important that you unplug the bottle warmer before you clean the appliance to reduce your risk of electrical shocks.

Although you can soak the removable baskets, the appliance should not be submerged in water. Use only mild cleaner with the bottle warmer. Harsh detergents, scouring pads or abrasive cleaners can harm the product. Do not dissemble the product while you are cleaning. You should only remove the removable baskets so that the appliance continues to work properly.