How to Use Dr. Brown's Bottle Sterilizer

Dr. Brown's bottles feature a unique venting system that creates a pressure flow similar to breastfeeding.

The makers of Dr. Brown's bottles claim this system prevents your baby from ingesting the air bubbles that cause gas and colic.

The Dr. Brown bottle contains parts that most bottles do not, such as vent inserts and vent reservoirs. Sterilize all parts of this bottle system with the Dr. Brown's Bottle Sterilizer, a sterilizer manufactured specifically to steam the bottles.

Wash all parts of the sterilizer in hot, soapy water before using it the first time.

Set the steam plate on the sterilizer's bottom and turn it until secured.

Pour 6 oz. of water into the bottom's center.

Place each wide-neck bottle facing down into the round holes with the "+" sign. If using standard-size bottles, push the bottle into the crescent-shaped hole to support it.

Insert the nipple into each collar and place between the bottles in the sterilizer if using wide-neck bottles. For standard-size bottles insert the nipple and collar into the round hole with the "+" sign.

Place the vent insert down into the bottle cover with the bottle cover facing down if using wide-mouth bottles. Set the vent reservoirs and stoppers near the bottles. Place the vent inserts up between the bottle and bottle collars if using standard bottles. Place bottle covers in the middle. Set the vent reservoirs and stoppers near the bottles.

Attach the lid to the sterilizer.

Place the lid in the middle of your microwave.

Set the minutes on your microwave based on your microwave's wattage. For 1,000 to 1,100 watts, microwave for five minutes. For 800 to 900 watts, microwave for six minutes. For 500 to 700 watts, microwave for eight minutes.

Wait three minutes after microwaving before removing the sterilizer from the microwave.

Use the included tongs to remove the bottles from the sterilizer for further drying or to use.


Clean new bottles in hot, soapy water or boil before using in the sterilizer. The sterilizer is not meant to take the place of cleaning new bottles before first use.

Steam up to four bottles at a time in the sterilizer.