The First Years Microwave Bottle Sterilizer Instructions

It's important that you keep bottles clean and sanitary for your infant, who has not yet built up an immunity to many germs. The bacteria left on a bottle can continue to grow there unless it is properly removed through sanitation. One modern device that makes sanitation more convenient and speedy is the microwave bottle sterilizer manufactured by The First Years. If you have one of these sanitizers, you need to know how to operate it properly for it to be effective.

Preparation Before Using the Sanitizer

Wash away the accumulated milk, formula or juice with a mild dish detergent in warm water and rinse the bottles thoroughly to remove all soap residue. Washing the bottles first helps to eliminate the solid or liquid waste left in them, preventing a cloudy film after sanitation.

Preparing the Sterilizer

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Remove the organizer tray and pour 7 ounces of water into the base. You can use one of the bottles to measure the water, because they have measurement markings along the sides. When placing your bottles onto the organizer tray, put those prone to toppling into the crescent-shaped holes to support them; put wide, sturdy bottles upside down directly on the tray. Insert the nipple trees and hang the nipples and nipple collars. To make sure the steam stays in the sanitizer, shut the release valve by turning it until you see a crosshairs symbol.

Using the Sterirlizer

Set your microwave at high power and adjust the time according to its wattage. If you are unsure of how many watts your microwave uses, check the label on the back. For microwaves that use 500 to 800 watts, set the timer for eight minutes. For microwaves that use 850 to1,000 watts, set the time for five minutes. If the microwave uses 1,100 watts or more, set the time for four minutes. After you have removed the sterilizer from the microwave, wait until the indicator light changes before opening the steam valve on the lid. The bottles are sterile for up to three hours if the lid is left on the tray. Pour the leftover water from the base into your sink and wash it before storing to keep it operating safely and properly.