Munchkin Wipe Warmer Instructions

Most parents and caregivers are familiar with diaper changing routines and the fussiness that inherently comes with them.

Newborns and infants need extra care and attention and the Munchkin company strives to assist parents and caregivers with this by providing innovative products.

One of these products is the Munchkin Warm Glow wipe warmer. This warmer heats wipes to the perfect temperature and features a flip-top lid, a convenient viewing window and 10-minute light for nighttime changing.

Place the warmer on a flat, level surface.

Slide the locks on the sides of the warmer forward and lift the main lid. Unwrap a package of wipes and place them into the warmer, making sure not to overfill the container. Press the top wipe up through the flip-top lid opening.

Close the flip-top and main lid. Slide the side locks back until they lock into place.

Plug the power cord into a standard household outlet. The unit will begin warming the wipes.

Press the "Power Indicator" button on the top of the unit to turn on the light. Press it again to turn off the light. The unit is designed to automatically shut off after 10 minutes.

Press the flip-top button when using pop-up wipes. Grab the wipe and pull it straight up. Press the lid down, making sure it snaps closed. Slide the side locks forward and lift the main lid when using standard baby wipes. Pull out the necessary wipes and close the lid. Slide the locks back into the locked position.

Unplug the unit when not in use for an extended period of time, or when you need to clean the warmer.

Wait for the unit to completely cool before cleaning. Remove any unused wipes and set them aside. Wipe the warmer down with a soft, non-abrasive cloth.

Place the wipes back into the unit and add additional wipes as needed. Pour a half a cup of water over the top of the wipes to make up for moisture loss.