Munchkin Bottle Warmer Instructions

Munchkin bottle warmers help make preparing a warm bottle of milk or a jar of food for your baby safe and simple. With the exception of the car bottle warmer, the warming systems evenly warm food to the appropriate temperatures in as little as 90 seconds using steam. The alarms and automatic shut-off features in some of the Munchkin bottle warmers help prevent scalding and nutrient losses in food. By using your Munchkin bottle warmer correctly, you can safely feed your baby when she’s hungry without needing a pot of hot water or microwave.

General Munchkin Bottle Warmer Instructions

Place the lift-out basket inside the warming chamber.

Fill the measuring cup that comes with the warmer with water to the appropriate fill line and pour the water into warming chamber. The proper fill line depends on the amount of milk or food you want to warm and the food’s temperature before you warm it.

Place the bottle of milk or jar of food into the basket that’s inside the warming chamber.

Put the adapter ring over the top of the basket only if it fits around the bottle. If it doesn't easily slide over the bottle, don't use the adapter ring.

Push the “On” button.

Remove the bottle or jar from the warmer using the lift-out basket when the indicator light no longer illuminates.

Wait at least five minutes before using the bottle warmer again.

Unplug the bottle warmer from the electrical outlet.

Pour the water out of the warming chamber.

Munchkin Car Bottle Warmer Instructions

Baby bottle with milk on white

How to Use an Avent Bottle Warmer

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Place the bottle warmer’s heating band around the bottle or jar of food. Tighten the band around the bottle by squeezing on the clip and pulling the band. The bottom of the bottle or jar should touch the safety switch.

Plug the end of the warmer into your car’s power outlet or cigarette lighter outlet.

Push the “On” button.

Check the milk or food’s temperature every five minutes.

Unplug the warmer from the adapter when the food is the desired temperature.

Remove the bottle from the warmer before giving it to your baby.

Munchkin Night and Day Bottle Warmer and Cooler

Place the lift-out basket into the bottle warmer’s front warming chamber.

Fill the water reservoir with water and place it into the bottle warmer.

Place the bottle or jar of food into the basket that’s in the warmer. The bottle or jar shouldn’t touch the sides of basket. (See Reference 3, pg. 2)

Put the adapter ring over the top of the lift-out basket if it slides on easily. If it doesn't, don't use the adapter ring.

Plug in the warmer and turn it on by pushing the “On/Off” button once.

Push the “Increase Time” and “Decrease Time” buttons to set the amount of time that you want the warming cycle to last.

Press the “Start” button.

Remove the bottle or jar using the lift-out basket after the warmer beeps three times.

Wait at least three minutes before warming another bottle or jar.

Unplug the warmer.

Pour out the excess water from the water reservoir.


Clean the bottle warmer with a damp cloth or a sponge and mild, soapy water. Do not submerge the warming unit in water.

Only use the bottle warmer indoors and on flat surfaces.


Always shake the bottle or stir the food before giving it to your baby, and test the temperature of the milk or food you warmed before feeding your baby.

Supervise the bottle warmer while you use it, and don’t use it if it is damaged.

Avoid touching the hot surfaces in the bottle warmer.

Do not use glass bottles with the warmer unless they’re made from thermo-resistant glass.

Don’t use frozen bottles or jars in the bottle warmer; use only room temperature or refrigerated ones.