Pregnant Soon After Giving Birth

You are still enjoying your new baby -- and the sleepless nights that come with her -- but you have that itch to have another baby already. Giving your body proper time to heal is important before getting pregnant again, but your personal circumstances dictate when you should try for the next baby. Consider several factors when planning for another pregnancy.


The advice you get on how long to wait to get pregnant again after giving birth may vary depending on your obstetrician. The March of Dimes recommends waiting 18 months after birth to get pregnant again, but many women do so sooner with no adverse medical issues. It can take a full year for your body to recover from the nutrient and vitamin depletion caused by pregnancy, so the 18-month time frame ensures your body is back to pre-pregnancy health before you get pregnant again.

Reasons for Waiting

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Pregnancy takes a toll on your body, whether you have a vaginal delivery or caesarean section. If you had a C-section, chances are you will have to have another C-section for ensuing pregnancies, so you want to give your body time to recover from this major surgery before having it again. In addition, if you worked hard to get that post-baby body into good shape, getting pregnant quickly means you will have to repeat your efforts.


Not every woman wants to wait 18 months between one child's birth and another pregnancy -- and many for good reason. A woman's fertility declines with age, just as the likelihood of pregnancy complications increases. Since fertility has peaked by the time you hit 30, the longer you wait to get pregnant in your 30s, the harder it may be, and you face added potential for pregnancy complications. Thus, some women might choose to get pregnant soon after giving birth if age is a factor.


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If you want your children to be close in age, you will want to start trying soon after your little one was born. Perhaps you enjoyed pregnancy and miss it. That might push you to get pregnant again, but keep in mind that you'll be dealing with pregnancy symptoms this time around in addition to caring for a demanding baby.