How to Wrap a Dirty Diaper for the Trash

Along with your sweet bundle of joy comes the not-so-sweet smell of dirty diapers. All parents will face dirty diapers, but you can help eliminate the smell by wrapping up the diapers properly for the trash. Rather than just taking off the dirty diaper and throwing it away, take a few extra seconds to wrap it up and dispose of it properly to keep the odor at bay.

Take the diaper off the baby and replace with a clean one. Set the diaper aside without wrapping it while you are changing your baby into a fresh diaper.

Discard solid stool from the diaper into the toilet. Fold the diaper in half horizontally, just as it was when new. Starting with the crotch of the diaper, fold it over two or three times, rolling it tightly up to the top of the diaper. Bring each corner tightly over the rolled up section, and tape it to the back of the diaper by reusing the tabs, making a ball.

Place the dirty diaper into a plastic bag. You can reuse grocery store or newspaper bags to dispose of dirty diapers. Tie the bag up tightly into a double knot and place it in the trashcan.

Wash your hands well with soap and warm water after disposing of the dirty diaper.


If possible, place wrapped dirty diapers into an outdoor trashcan to reduce odor inside your home.


Never leave your baby on a changing table, bed or other unsafe area while you are taking care of her dirty diaper. Put the baby in a safe, secure place while you wrap up and dispose of the diaper.