How to Apply Diaper Rash Cream to Boys

Although diaper rash in babies is common, it is still a condition most parents would like to prevent. Diaper rash, defined as a painful rash that develops inside the diaper area, can happen for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons include infrequent diaper changes, too much moisture, chafing or rubbing, yeast infections, bacterial infections or an allergic reaction to the material of the diaper. While frequent diaper changes and exposure of your baby boy’s bottom to fresh air whenever possible may help prevent diaper rash, using a diaper rash cream may also prevent or treat this condition.

Purchase the right type of diaper cream. Look for one that contains zinc oxide, as this ingredient acts as a barrier against moisture. Avoid creams that contain camphor, boric acid, phenol, benzoin ticture or methyl salicylate, as these ingredients can harm your baby, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Unfasten and pull back the top of the diaper. If urine or feces is present in the diaper, thoroughly clean the baby's skin using diaper wipes or a wet washcloth. Discard the dirty diaper.

Squeeze about a dime-sized amount of diaper cream onto your fingers.

Gently apply the cream to the buttocks area, including the area in between the two cheeks. Although it is typically not necessary to apply cream to the boy’s penis, testicles or sides or thighs, you may wish to do so if those areas look red or irritated with diaper rash.

Put on the new diaper. Line up the back side of the new diaper with his waist. Point his penis down to prevent urine from escaping from the top of the diaper and fasten the diaper.

Wash your hands with a diaper wipe or water and soap to remove the excess diaper cream from your hands. Dry as necessary.


Consider putting a wipe or cloth over your baby boy’s penis as you apply the cream to prevent him from making a mess if he urinates.


Call your infant’s pediatrician if he has a diaper rash that seems particular severe or persistent or if he has any other unusual symptoms.