How to Set the Time on a Baby G Watch

The Casio G-Shock series of watches features rugged construction and a youthful, stylish appearance. Casio also produces a similar line of watches for women under the name "Baby G." Baby G watches offer the same durable design as the men's line, and they often come in bright colors to complement the wearer's outfit or add a touch of style. Before wearing your Baby G watch for the first time, set up your new watch and input the correct time.

Hold the watch in one hand so that the screen is facing you. Note the position of the four control buttons. There are two buttons located on each side of the watch face.

Press the button on the lower left to shift between different modes on the watch. Keep pressing and releasing this button until you see the time and date displayed on the screen. This screen indicates "Timekeeping" mode on a Baby G Watch.

Keep the watch in "Timekeeping" mode and hold down the top left button until the numbers at the top of your watch screen start flashing. These flashing numbers represent the seconds and also indicate that you've moved the watch into the "Timesetting" mode.

Reset the seconds to zero by pressing the lower right button, or press the lower left button to leave them unchanged and move on to other settings.

Push and release the lower left button until the hour number flashes. Press the top right button to increase the hour or press the lower right button to decrease the hour. Push the lower left button when you're done to set the minutes.

Wait until you see the minutes flashing, then press the lower right button to increase minutes, or push the top right button to decrease minutes.

Press the lower left button once to set the time format. If you see an AM or PM displayed on the screen, press the lower right button to switch to 24-hour time. If you don't see these letters, press the lower right button until the appropriate designation of AM or PM appears based on the time of day.

Hit the lower left button to finish setting the time, then press the top left button to exit the "Timesetting" mode.


Use the upper right button at any time to illuminate the screen.