What Kate Middleton's Former Trainer Can Teach Us About Post-Baby Weight Loss

She may be Duchess of Cambridge, but when it comes to bouncing back post-pregnancy, Kate Middleton is a queen!

Since giving birth to her third child, Louis, earlier this month, the 36-year-old is likely well on her way to her pre-baby weight. Back in 2013, Middleton credited The Fit Mummy Manual as her workout of choice after giving birth to baby George. LIVESTRONG.COM spoke exclusively to the program’s co-founder, Kelly Rennie of Busy Mum Fitness, who revealed just what it takes to complete the diet and fitness plan. “You’ve got to consider that you’ve had a baby in your belly for nine months, and it’s very crucial that you do things properly,” Rennie says for those looking to get back in shape.

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1. Keep Your Workouts Short and Sweet

If your schedule is anything like Kate Middleton’s, time is definitely not on your side. From dealing with a crying baby to getting very little sleep, hours in the day seem to fly by. Rennie, who has trained thousands of women, advises new moms like Middleton to keep their workouts quick and simple, especially at first. “After getting the six-week clearance from your doctor, I recommend working out three to four times a week for 20 minutes, at most,” she says. “But for me a workout can be as simple as a walk outside. It’s all about doing what you can when you can.”

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2. Stay Hydrated

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Many new moms swear by coffee to keep them going, but Rennie advises her clients to cut it out completely and instead only drink water. “As a mom is breastfeeding, I tell her that she should be drinking three liters of water a day,” she says. “What happens is a lot of moms go to coffee. They skip their breakfast, they have a coffee, they’re dehydrating themselves, and one of the most important things we need in our body is water.” Rennie reveals that for new moms who are stressed, coffee causes much more harm than good. “A lot of moms are already living in an anxious world trying to deal with what’s going on, so why bring in a stimulant that may feed that?”

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3. No More Processed Foods

When it comes to nutrition, planning balanced meals can be difficult, but it’s crucial when trying to get back on track. To make things easier on new moms, Rennie suggests focusing on whole foods rather than cooking complicated dishes. “I personally think that if you’re breastfeeding, increasing your healthy fats is really good for production of milk. I try and focus on whole carbs versus processed carbs like rice, quinoa and sweet potatoes. And looking at things that are easy, because no mom can sit there in a kitchen for an hour long while they’ve got a newborn.” So what should a plate like Middleton’s consist of? “A good amount of protein, vegetables and healthy fats. And be mindful of managing carbs,” Rennie says.

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4. Listen to Your Body

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Being a new mom is tough, and Rennie knows that first-hand. The Aussie-based trainer advises moms like Middleton to listen to their bodies. “I’ve trained thousands of moms through our program, and the common denominator is the feeling of being overwhelmed. The only way that I can get a mom incredible results after the postnatal period is to really help them not feel that way.” In order to combat negative feelings, Rennie makes sure the new mom feels good. “Number one when it comes to getting mom on track is mindset. I try and help her focus on things that make her feel better like getting more sleep or joining a team to stay accountable.”

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5. No Excuses!

Excuses can be tempting, especially for a mom who has just given birth. But if someone like Kate Middleton is able to squeeze in a workout without an excuse, so can you! “When I speak to a mom and I listen to the first five minutes, I could probably finish the story myself because I’ve heard it that many times,” Rennie laughs. “‘I’ve got no time, I’ve got no money, I feel fat.’ Wherever you focus your energy, that will expand.” In order to get them in the right headspace, Rennie asks her clients if they are willing to focus on changing their habits instead of focusing on a diet. “Reminding them that everything in life is habitual — the good, the bad, the ugly — so if they find themselves going down that path of negative thoughts, they have to really be mindful to pull themselves out.”

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