List of Foods 10-Month-Old Babies Eat

By 10 months of age, your baby is growing more and more independent.

She can eat most of the food the family eats, she probably has teeth she can chew with, and she may even be interested in feeding herself with a spoon.

Begin to introduce more solid, chunky foods into her diet, and more opportunities to branch out. Remember, only introduce new foods one at a time and wait at least two days in between to make sure your baby is not allergic to anything you served to her.

Meats and Protein

Your budding 10-month-old is ready to eat various meats and proteins at this stage. She does not have molars yet, so all meat should be cooked tender enough for her to crush with her teeth and gums.

Chicken, turkey and beef are safe to introduce at this stage.

White-flesh fish is also an option; it is the lowest on the allergen list and easily digested. Cod, haddock, flounder and sole fall under this category. Thoroughly de-bone the fish before you serve it, and take out her portion before you season it.

Finger Foods and Snacks

happy baby child eats itself with a spoon

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Offer your baby a variety of finger foods and snacks to help encourage him to self-feed.

Crackers, breads and multi-grain cereal like Cheerios make good snacks.

Uncooked tofu, chopped into tiny cubes, provides protein that's easy to grab.

Soft-cooked pasta, lightly tossed in spaghetti sauce, is another snack idea.

Nuts, popcorn and seeds should be avoided also because he could choke on these items. No matter what snacks you feed your baby, always supervise him while he eats.


Some dairy products can be introduced to your baby at this stage. Soft pasteurized cheese can be eaten by a 10-month-old. Yogurt and cottage cheese are two items that are also safe to eat.

Even foods that contain dairy, like macaroni and cheese, can be introduced into her diet. She should not drink cow’s milk until after she's a year old. In the mean time, breast milk or formula is what she should be drinking.

Fruits and Veggies

happy baby child eats itself with a spoon

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Fruits and vegetables provide an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Offer your 10-month-old a variety of options from this food category. Thoroughly cook vegetables like carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes and squash until they are soft enough for her to mash with her gums and teeth.

Cut up small pieces of bananas, avocados, pears and peaches for her to enjoy. Coat slippery fruits with Cheerio dust or wheat germ to make them easier to pick up.