How Leah Remini Lost Her Weight

Actress Leah Remini gained an estimated 80 pounds while pregnant with daughter Sofia Bella, according to Celeb Source. After giving birth, she faced harsh criticism from the media and public concerning her weight gain and admits that she struggled with losing her post-pregnancy weight on her personal blog. Through a commitment to exercise and following a special diet, Remini was able to lose the baby weight and re-gain her figure.

Workout Plan

Prior to giving birth, Remini exercised most mornings at 5 a.m., according to her blog. After delivering her baby, Leah began to exercise with celebrity personal trainer Gunnar Peterson five days per week. Peterson designed a personalized workout for her, according to Peterson would change up Remini’s exercise routine frequently, alternating the way she ran and lifted weights to prevent her body from adapting.

Attempts to Avoid

Working out at the Gym

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Remini claimed she tried many fad diets and diet products on her blog. From colonics to shots to lose weight, Remini admits to trying and failing with many different weight-loss methods. After these attempts, she said she knew it was time to find a new plan. “I learned that you have to do something that works long term,” Remini said in her blog. “I know it sounds trite, but you have to make a real commitment to yourself as a lifestyle change.”


After failed attempts at fad diets, Remini turned to the 1st Personal Diet from Dr. R. Cohen, a cardiologist who recommended a personal weight-loss plan for Remini. The diet was designed to control food cravings, increase energy and reduce bloating, according to the 1st Personal Diet website. Dr. Cohen uses blood testing to determine hormone imbalances in the blood and constructs a diet to address these imbalances, according to the 1st Personal Diet website. The diet does not require any specialized supplementation and does not restrict foods.


Working out at the Gym

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Remini said she always incorporates a cheat day into her diet in order to avoid feeling deprived. “You have to find boundaries that keep you in line, like one cheat day after you lose so many pounds and then again adding in a cheat day when you are at your ideal weight, once a week, month, whatever works,” she said in a May 5, 2008 blog post. Remini also said changing diet and exercise was imperative -- that her weight loss could not have been accomplished without both efforts.