How to Survive the Last Months of Pregnancy With Twins

Being pregnant with twins often carries with it twice the worry and more discomfort than a single pregnancy, particularly toward the end of the experience. Labor may come sooner for you than for a woman carrying a single baby; on average, women pregnant with twins deliver about the 36th week, according to the American Pregnancy Association. As you wait for the birth, focus on keeping both yourself and your babies healthy and comfortable.

Plan for Delivery

Since you’re at risk for delivering your babies before you reach the 40-week point, preparing for the birth at the beginning of your third trimester can set your mind at ease and ensures you’re ready for labor when it happens. Pack a bag for the hospital when you reach the six-month mark of your pregnancy. Practice the drive to the hospital with your partner to ensure he knows the quickest way to get there. Ask your doctor to explain what is entailed with both a Cesarean section and a vaginal delivery so you understand both possibilities.

Focus on Relaxation

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Even if your doctor doesn’t put you on bed rest in the last months of your pregnancy, the more rest you can get when you’re carrying twins, the better. Your growing belly will make it hard to get around, and putting your feet up can alleviate the leg swelling that often accompanies a twin pregnancy. Set up camp in a comfortable location of your home such as your bed or a cozy couch. Arrange a television and DVD player nearby, send your partner to the library for books and movies, and place a basket stocked with water and healthy snacks next to your spot. With the exception of a daily walk for exercise, spend as much time as you can resting.

Eat for Energy

Healthy eating is crucial for any pregnant woman, but you’ll need more of certain nutrients when you’re carrying twins. In the final months of your pregnancy, eating carefully can keep you feeling vital and satisfied, while also benefiting your growing babies. According to KidsHealth, iron and protein are especially important for women carrying multiples, and both will help you feel energized. Eat lean red meat, iron-fortified cereal with milk, beans, and low-fat dairy products like cottage cheese and pudding.

Ask for Help

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If your friends and family members have offered to help, take them up on their offers in the last months of your pregnancy. As your energy wanes and your mobility decreases, ask friends to help paint the nursery or run errands. If you’re planning to breastfeed both twins, you’ll need at least 500 extra calories a day in order to produce enough milk, according to “Parents” magazine. Ask friends to bring over frozen meals that you can save for after delivery. Visiting with loved ones will also keep your spirits up, and you may be too busy for socializing once the babies arrive.