How Can I Ensure That My Baby Is Active During Our Ultrasound?

Ultrasounds during pregnancy are used to determine fetal health, position and to find out the sex of the baby if the parents want to know. Some parents also choose to have additional ultrasounds performed in 3-D and 4-D to get a better idea of what the baby looks like before the little one arrives into the world. Active babies give ultrasound technicians a better opportunity to see and measure all of their body parts. If a baby is facing the spine, or is curled into a position that hides the face, it might be impossible to see certain features.

Choose a time of day for the ultrasound when you know your baby is most active. During the second and third trimesters, many mothers notice routines periods of activity and sleep in their unborn babies. Schedule the ultrasound during one of these times for a better chance of catching your baby awake and active.

Drink plenty of water during the three to five days before your ultrasound appointment. The Baby’s First Images Ultrasound Service recommends that pregnant women drink 64 to 80 ounces per day to ensure that fluid levels are at an optimal level. More fluid for the baby to move in equates to better ultrasound images for new parents.

Eat a full meal or at least a sweet snack immediately before the ultrasound appointment. The American Pregnancy Association explains that unborn babies are usually most active after eating. It might also help to take a cold beverage with you to the ultrasound as cold drinks can stimulate movement, too.


If all else fails, ask the ultrasound technician to reschedule the appointment for you. Babies are more active some days than others. Many 3-D/4-D centers will offer to redo the ultrasound at no additional cost to you--all you have to do is ask.