Danger of Oil of Oregano During Pregnancy

You must be cautious when using any type of aromatherapy oil or other supplements while pregnant because it may pose a danger to your unborn baby. Oregano oil is one aromatherapy oil that is used for various health problems, but is not recommended for use during pregnancy. Learning more about what oil of oregano is used for and why you should avoid it during pregnancy can help you have a safe pregnancy.


The antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of oil of oregano may help treat a variety of illnesses. Oregano oil has the power to destroy candida, the cause of yeast infections, which is one of the oil's most common uses. Oregano oil may also treat other fungal infections. Drugs.com notes that oil of oregano is also used as an antispasmodic in the treatment of diabetes.



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It is recommended that you do not use oil of oregano while you are pregnant because it can induce menstruation. Women who experience an absence of menstruation are sometimes prescribed oil of oregano to help stimulate a period to begin. Patricia Davis, author of "Aromatherapy: An A-Z," reports that for this reason you should not take or use oil of oregano while you are expecting. If you experience any spotting, call your doctor right away, particularly if you have used oil of oregano.


The major danger of oil of oregano during pregnancy is the risk of miscarriage. Since oil of oregano can stimulate menstruation, it can also stimulate your uterus and cause a miscarriage of your unborn baby. Drugs.com notes that oil of oregano may also be used by some cultures as a way to abort a baby, as it can cause the development of gastrointestinal disorders, genital hemorrhage and the failure of your internal organs. For this reason, oil of oregano should be avoided during pregnancy.

Fresh or Dried Oregano


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Although you should not use oil of oregano during pregnancy, you can use fresh and dried oregano to season and spice your food. Drugs.com notes that oregano is considered safe when used as part of your food preparation. A sprinkle of dried oregano in your favorite recipes supplies nutrients you and your unborn baby require, including calcium, iron, potassium, folic acid, vitamin A and vitamin K. Dried oregano can be used to season a variety of foods, including lasagna, spaghetti sauce, garlic toast, vegetable soup and grilled sandwiches.