Development of a 10-Week-Old

A 10-week-old baby is approaching his third month of life.

He is also in the process of developing and reaching many milestones that occur between birth and three months of age. You can expect to see many physical and social changes during this time, as well as improvements in his hearing and vision.

Physical Development

At 10 weeks old, your baby is doing a lot more kicking with her feet. She may also be able to roll from her side to her back and then from her back to her side, but a complete roll may not come for a couple more months when her muscles are stronger. She is also producing more saliva than she can swallow at this age, resulting in a lot of drool. Your baby will begin sleeping for longer periods of time at this age. Babycenter states that rather than napping off and on all day, she will have two to four long sleep periods and be awake for longer intervals.

Social Development

an african american baby lies on its back and sleeps peacefully

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Your 10-week-old baby might be able to smile at you on purpose. He will also blow bubbles and coo in response to your efforts to interact with him. He may begin to imitate your facial expressions as he studies your face and searches for ways to communicate with you.

Hearing and Vision

According to, sometime before three months of age, your baby will be able to recognize the sound of your voice.

Her vision is improving and she is beginning to examine her hands and feet and different designs, colors and shapes. Her hearing is improving as well, causing her to be distracted or startled by sounds.

Encouraging Development

an african american baby lies on its back and sleeps peacefully

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To encourage the development of your 10-week-old baby, talk to him often, so that he can begin to understand language and communication.

Respond to his efforts to communicate with you. You can also walk him around your house in order to show him different colors and shapes of objects. Provide him a safe and open area to practice his rolling skills and strengthen his muscles.


Remember that every baby is different and develops at her own pace.

You may want to talk to your baby’s doctor if you are concerned about her development. Medline Plus recommends that you talk to the doctor if your baby does not appear to be meeting developmental milestones or if you have concerns.