Drinking Dasani Flavored Water While Pregnant

If you enjoyed bottled flavored water with artificial sweeteners before your pregnancy, you may have concerns about drinking the beverage while pregnant. Dasani flavored waters, manufactured by the Coca Cola Company, contain the artificial sweetener sucralose, commercially available as Splenda. The United States Food and Drug Administration has declared Splenda safe for use in pregnancy. Dasani, like many bottled waters, contains tap water that has undergone additional filtration.

Water Source

The Coca-Cola Company is understandably somewhat evasive about the exact source of its flavored water. Like many bottled waters, Dasani flavored water, which comes in lemon, raspberry, grape and strawberry flavors, comes from tap water. However, Coca Cola does not just pour tap water into the bottles--the water does undergo extra filtration. Tap water is safe to drink and doesn't need additional filtration, although removing some of its inherent minerals may change its taste. While pregnant women need to stay hydrated, tap water will hydrate you just as well as bottled water.


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Sucralose is made from sugar, although it undergoes chemical processing that makes it difficult for your body to process. While the FDA considers sucralose safe for use in pregnancy, it's better to keep your intake of any artificial ingredients to a minimum when you're eating for two. Talk to your doctor about your choice of sweeteners and safe amounts in pregnancy.

Flavorings and Ingredients

Because Coca Cola doesn't want anyone copying its proprietary recipes, the nutrition label on Dasani doesn't tell you how the company flavors its drinks beyond a "natural flavor" designation. For example, the lemon flavor label does not list lemon as an ingredient, so the consumer is unable to know exactly what natural flavor is put in to give the drink a lemon taste. In addition to natural flavors, this product contains food stabilizers magnesium sulfate and potassium chloride, as well as salt. Dasani flavored water contains 29 mg of sodium, making it a low-sodium drink. Pregnant women need around 2,400 mg per day, according to StorkNet.


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Like other types of bottled water, Dasani flavored waters come in plastic bottles, but with a twist. Dasani bottles contain 30 percent plant products in place of polethylene terephthalate, also known as plastic type #1. Use these bottles only once and do not refill them, author Deirdre Dolan suggests in "The Complete Organic Pregnancy." The bottles should not be reused because chemicals may leach out of the plastic over time, especially when they are exposed to heat or harsh cleaning chemicals.