How to Use Sea Band to Help Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is one of the most uncomfortable effects of pregnancy.

Many women and doctors alike aren’t comfortable treating nausea with prescription drugs while a women is pregnant. Sea bands are a great risk free and drug free alternative method, that is very effective in preventing morning sickness for most women. A plastic stud is located on an elastic band. When placed properly around your wrists it will apply pressure to the Nei Kuan pressure points, which greatly reduce nausea.

Apply Sea Bands at the appropriate time. Sea bands usually take approximately five minutes to begin taking effect. If you begin to feel nausea coming along apply the sea bands immediately. Although, it’s best to prevent morning sickness before it occurs. If you become nauseous relatively around the same time every day, consider applying them accordingly.

Place a Sea Band around your wrist. The side with a plastic stud should be turned inward to be touching your skin. In addition, the stud should be placed on the inside of your wrist following your palm. Scoot the band down to the middle of your forearm to prepare for appropriate positioning.

Measure out the correct position for your Sea Bands. It’s important that the sea bands are placed in the appropriate position around your wrist to ensure your pressure points are hit. Using your free hand place your three middle fingers against your inner wrist. Your ring finger should just be touching the line that separates your hand and arm. Directly below your pointer finger is where your Nei Kuan pressure point is located. This is where you will need to place the plastic stud to begin applying pressure.

Remove the Sea Bands. Since the bands are meant to apply pressure they can become uncomfortable after extended wearing. They are safe to wear as long as you like. Although, if they are uncomfortable you may remove them an hour after your symptoms subside.