Tourmaline: The Magical Properties

According to, “tourmalines are mixed crystals of aluminum boron silicate with a complex and changing composition.” Known as the “gemstone of the rainbow,” tourmaline comes in several colors. Healers claim that the stone has healing properties and electromagnetic abilities.

Using crystals for healing is never a substitute for medical treatment. Consult your doctor if you have any serious condition.

Properties of Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a balancing stone, which cleanses and purifies.

It grounds spiritual energy and helps to clear and balance the chakras.

Shamans use this stone to protect them during ceremonies, and it is also used for scrying. It is thought to attract tolerance and compassion, and promote inspiration and prosperity whilst banishing feelings of victimization.

Tourmaline is also beneficial for plants and gardens.

As a natural insecticide it keeps pests away. If buried in the earth, it encourages the growth and health of crops and flowers.

The Different Colours of Tourmaline

Black tourmaline crystal

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This gem can be found in almost any color, but the most powerful are considered the black, green, pink and watermelon – a stone which actually looks like a watermelon sliced through.

Black tourmaline is most useful as a protector against negativity, and dispels the electromagnetic vibrations given off by cell phones and computers.

Green is rejuvenating; whilst pink is aphrodisiac, balancing the male and female energies.

Watermelon tourmaline brings patience and teaches tact, creating love by combining compassion from the spirit and passion from the physical body.

Other Tourmaline Attributes

It is possible to make a complete set of chakra stones from tourmaline because there are so many color variations, but black is often used for the base chakra, green for the heart, blue for the throat and clear tourmaline for the crown chakra.

Says, "Green tourmaline is a receptive stone that strengthens your life force and compassion." It also heals holes in the aura and can be used as a psychic shield.

Using Tourmaline

Black tourmaline crystal

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There are many ways to use tourmaline. You can wear your chosen colour of tourmaline in a piece of jewelry to feel the benefits in yourself, or stones can be placed around the home to help re-balance positive and negative energies. For example, placing a black tourmaline by a computer will help neutralize the electromagnetic energies; a green tourmaline worn on a pendant close to the heart will help heal the heart chakra.


As with many alternative therapies, there is little or no scientific proof that crystals help in healing, although many people believe that they do. At times the energies given off by different crystals can feel overpowering, and it is best to only choose crystals which feel ‘right’ for you. Crystals should never be used as a substitute for medical care, and if you have any condition which is troubling you, it is always wise to consult your doctor.