Songs to Dedicate to Your Unborn Baby

Talking to your unborn baby can help you bond at an early stage. According to Baby Centre, babies can hear soundtracks as young as 23 weeks, and hearing your voice often helps them form an attachment to you after birth. Also, according to a research by Beth Israel Medical Center, music can help calm your baby’s breathing and promote a state of quiet alertness.

Dedications from Mums

“Your Song” was originally sung by Elton John, but the version by Ellie Goulding brings in a sweet melody that an expectant mother can easily get lost in as she meditates on the joys of carrying a life inside her. The story brings feelings of an excited mother who is overwhelmed by the life in her womb, and the only gift that sounds appropriate is a song to her unborn child. “Never Grow Up” by Taylor Swift invokes images of a new baby totally dependent on her mother, and her mother wishes to have the moments last forever.

Dedications from Dads

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Pregnancy can be an exciting and equally confusing time for dads. Music can ease the anxiety and enable them to express their love for the unborn baby. “Butterfly Kisses After Bedtime Prayer” by Bob Carlisle is a favorite for dads on the wedding days of their daughters; you can dedicate it to your unborn baby as an expression of the kind of journey you want to walk with her. You can also sing “I Knew I Loved You” by Savage Garden to express your love, satisfaction and anticipation for your unborn child. “With Arms Open” by Creed describes the emotions a man goes through after learning he will have a son. It is also a commitment to walk your son through life with arms wide open and be a man for your child.

Songs about the Future

A dad can dedicate “My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw to express his dreams of raising a beautiful baby up to a beautiful woman. “I Hope You Dance” by Ann Womack is a soothing tune perfect for late night rocking chair sessions. It expresses wishes for your baby's journey to adulthood. The wishes include hope for strength and the ability to stay happy despite life’s difficulties.

Difficult Pregnancies

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Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” is particularly appropriate for a woman who has struggled to conceive. The lyrics describe a mother’s love for her baby, and her determination to hold on till the baby is born safely. “Capri” by Colbie Caillat follows the story of a mother and the life growing inside her. It expresses the mum’s despair when times are hard, and her coping mechanism which is to listen patiently as the bond between mother and child grows.