Pros of Gay Adoption

Gay adoption is also referred to as same-sex adoption. It allows couples of the same gender to be legally recognized as parents of a minor. In some situations, the child may be the biological child of one of the parents. This situation can occur when the parent divorces or the parent’s spouse dies, and the parent has a change in sexual preferences and finds a partner of the same sex. While there are traditional arguments against gay adoption, there are also pros of gay adoption.

Two Parents

When there is only one parent in the family due to divorce or the death of a spouse, the parent may choose a same-sex partner. Gay adoption would allow the partner to become the legal parent of the child. Two legal parents is a pro in the sense that the child would have additional inheritance rights and child-support rights. The child could receive survivor benefits from social security if the new parent dies. The child could also be eligible for health care benefits of the new legal parent, depending on the health insurance policy.

Child Welfare System

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Gay adoption could help children move out of the child welfare system. Gay adoption is a matter left to the states, and while some states allow same-sex adoption, others do not. Gay adoption increases the pool of couples who are able to adopt, which can move more children out of the child welfare system into a stable family. This is a pro not only for the child, but it also reduces the financial burden to taxpayers.

Relating to Troubled Children

Because gay parents may have experienced bias and prejudice themselves, they may be better able to relate to children in the child welfare system who have had troubled pasts. Gay parents may be able to better convince a child that they understand bigotry and discrimination because they have been exposed to them. This can enable gay parents to help adopted children to emotionally deal with their troubled pasts.