Grants for Single Parents to Send Kids to Private School

As a parent, you want your children to get the very best education possible. Sometimes this could require you sending your children to a private school. Not everyone can afford the significant cost of tuition to private school without the help of a scholarship or grant, especially if you are single parent who is trying to provide for your family all on your own.


Being able to afford a quality education for your kids isn't always easy. Obtaining grants and scholarships is one way private school can be attainable for a single-parent household. Grants are funds that never have to be repaid. A grant could cover just a portion of the expenses or completely pay for a child's schooling, which can take a huge burden off of a single parent's shoulders.

Merit Grants

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Among the various types of grants and scholarships available for kids is a merit grant. A merit grant or scholarship is awarded to children who do well in school, making good grades and staying in the top percentage of their class. If your student excels academically, you can contact the private school in which you're interested and inquire about merit-based scholarships available.

Need-Based Grants

Alternatively, need-based grants are usually awarded to students whose families meet specific financial guidelines. These grants or scholarships are often given to low-income or single-parent families that couldn't otherwise afford tuition. In addition, there are several private K-12 schools around the country that offer completely free tuition to students who are financially disadvantaged, living under 185 percent of the poverty line, according to the Private Schools website. Those schools include:

  • Regis High School in New York City
  • Epiphany School in Dorchester
  • Massachusetts,
  • De Marillac Middle School in San Francisco
  • among others

National Grants

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Scholarships for Children of Single Parents

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Single parents can apply for some of the national grants and scholarships offered to help kids attend private school. CEO America can help you with a scholarship that would enable you to move your child from a public school to a private school. The Children's Scholarship Fund offers scholarships that can assist parents who wish to send their kids to a private school. No academic requirements have to be met, but your child must attend a legally operating school and attend school regularly. Children of deceased or totally disabled military members can apply for education benefits through the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, as well. The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation has a Young Scholars Program that helps high-achieving children in eighth grade and beyond who need financial assistance with high school and college.


To apply for a grant or scholarship, you and your student must fill out the applications together. You'll need financial information, such as proof of income and tax forms, as well as your child's academic records. Fill out all necessary forms completely and correctly and be sure to get everything turned in ahead of schedule to prevent missing out an any help for which you might be eligible.