Morning Sickness Symptoms in Men

Morning sickness is characterized by nausea that occurs during pregnancy. For men, morning sickness can be a symptom of Couvade Syndrome, which sometimes occurs in the husbands of pregnant women. It is thought to be a form of a sympathetic pregnancy in which the husband experiences symptoms of pregnancy without actually being pregnant. According to the Mayo Clinic, the term morning sickness is somewhat misleading, because the nausea associated with morning sickness can occur at any time during the day. It is most common during the first trimester of pregnancy but can be a symptom throughout the course of the pregnancy.


Nausea is the main symptom of morning sickness in men. Nausea can occur with or without vomiting. It is a feeling of uneasiness in the stomach or the stomach being upset with an urge to vomit. In men, it can occur when the pregnant wife experiences nausea. Solid foods should be avoided until the vomiting has stopped for a minimum of six hours. Nausea can be treated with anti-nausea medications.

Frequent Vomiting


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A rare complication of morning sickness can occur when the vomiting is frequent. When there is frequent vomiting, the esophagus, which carries food from the mouth to the stomach, can become torn in places. If the esophagus is torn, there will be blood present in the vomit. This is a condition that requires immediate medical attention.

Other Symptoms

Other symptoms associated with Couvade Syndrome and morning sickness include:

  • indigestion
  • weight gain
  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • headaches
  • toothaches

There can also be an increase or decrease in appetite, mood swings, itchy skin or insomnia.