How to Wash Clothes With Baby Poop Stains

Your baby eats, sleeps and yes, poops. When your baby has a bowel movement, it is hard to determine ahead of time if his clothes will be affected by a leaky diaper. Since babies stool is normally thin, leakage onto his clothes is a common occurrence.

Avoiding stain treatment of fecal matter will only prevent you from using those items for anything other than play clothes or a rag. Taking the time to remove the stain will not only prevent this but also save you money on clothing purchases for your little bundle of joy.

Remove your baby's stained clothing and immediately apply an over-the-counter stain treatment. According to Nickelodeon's Parents Connect, you should treat stains before placing baby's clothes in the hamper or dirty laundry pile. Stain treatments will penetrate the offending spot, making it easier to remove through regular washings.

Soak your baby's clothing in cold water to loosen the poop stains. Warm or hot water will only set the stain, making it more difficult to remove. According to Your Baby Today, scrape off as much of the stain as you can, then place your baby's clothing in the washing machine. Fill with cold water and allow to agitate. Follow by washing the item with a mild detergent.

Add bleach to your poop-stained laundry to also help remove stains, suggests Parents Connect. Standard chlorine bleach is ideal for whites, while color safe bleaches are better for colors. Remember to run your baby's clothes through an extra rinse cycle, as bleach can irritate her delicate skin.

Apply a stain removal pen to clothing stains that occur when you are not at home. Pens are sold in grocery stores and pharmacies for quick stain removal. Some stain removal pens contain bleach, while others contain specially formulated detergents.

Mix one part dishwasher detergent powder to one part cold water to form a paste. Apply paste to the stains and allow to set for 20 minutes. Rinse the paste off of your baby's clothing and wash as normal. According to Parents Connect, this paste treats almost any stain such as food, feces and urine.