How to Transfer Your Child to Another School

With the creation of the No Child Left Behind Act, parents are able to transfer their students out of Title 1 schools. Parents must receive notification that their child is attending a Title 1 school each school year according to the Massachusetts Department of Education. A Title 1 school is a school that has been identified as a school that has economic need. Children can be transferred for other reasons including a residential move or reasons outlined by the school district.

Transferring in District

Decide whether your child qualifies for a transfer under the No Child Left Behind Act. If your child does not qualify for a transfer under the act, you will need to contact your child’s school district to determine what other options are available to children wishing to transfer.

Fill out a request for transfer. In order to use the No Child Left Behind Act as a grounds for transfer, you must designate two different non-Title 1 schools that you wish your child to attend.

Turn in your request for transfer to the appropriate department within your child’s school district. Some districts will require the transfer request be returned to the schools while others will require the request to be returned to the district offices.

Transferring out of District

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Determine whether your new place of residence is within your child’s old school district or within the limits of a new school district. If you are now located in a new school district, you will have to withdraw your child from his current school.

Request and fill out a withdraw form at your child’s current school. Turn the form in as quickly as possible so that the form can be processed and your child’s records can be released to the new school.

Contact your child’s new school district to determine the school for which your residence is zoned.

Take your child’s school records to the new school. You will also need her birth certificate, immunization record, social security card and proof of residency for enrollment. Provide a lease agreement or utility statement for proof of residency. If you have a custody or guardianship arrangement that involves the student, the new school will need a copy of the agreement.

Complete the enrollment forms at your child’s new school. The new school may request official records from your child’s previous school.