How to Tell If Someone Has a Nanny Cam

Here's an interesting fact: not only are nanny cams legal in every state, but a person videotaping you in their home doesn't have to inform you about it. As a result, even if you ask about a nanny cam, the homeowners don't necessarily have to tell you the truth. If you want to know whether you're being monitored, your best bet is to be in the lookout for certain things that could indicate the presence of a nanny cam.

Look for potential hiding places in rooms where you spend a lot of time. Many nanny cams come already installed inside inconspicuous places such as teddy bears, clocks or other items that can be placed on a bookshelf. If an object suddenly appears on a shelf, there could be a camera hiding inside. Also, nanny cams tend to be placed either in the living room or the baby's room, where you spend the most time with the child.

Turn the lights off and search for any green or red light coming off from shelves or electronics that should be off. For example, radios don't usually have a green or red light on at any time, but nanny cams hidden inside a radio might have a small light to signal they're running. Remember that not all nanny cams will have a light, but some do, so this is a good way to expand your search.

Buy a radio frequency -- or RF -- signal detector. This is a small electronic item that will detect any frequencies in the room, including the kind emitted by nanny cams. Keep in mind that you will have to sweep the room to detect the direction of the signal, and if you're being videotaped, the owner of the nanny cam will know you're searching for it.


Ask your employer if they're using a nanny cam. They're not obligated to tell you the truth, but they might do it anyway, especially if you tell them you suspect that's the case.