How to Make Me Have a Bowel Movement Every Day

Constipation is a common condition that results from factors such as poor diet, stress, medications, inactivity, dehydration, and overuse of laxatives. Triphala, a revered polyherbal medicine consisting of the species Terminalia bellerica, Terminalia chebula and Emblica officinalis, is classified as a tridoshic rasayana in Ayurvedic Medicine as it promotes longevity and rejuvenation in patients of all constitutions and ages. Moreover, Triphala is a powerful laxative that does not cause dependency or rebound constipation.

Benefits of Triphala

Among the known benefits of Triphala, which is among the most potent antioxidant-containing plants known, are those related to reducing inflammation through antioxidant properties and immunomodulatory effects. Triphala is also known to decrease adiposity, improve glucose tolerance and insulin responsiveness, reduce hypertension, decrease constipation, and exert anti-microbial activities.

How to Take Triphala

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Importantly, Triphala increases peristalsis, and unlike other laxatives it is not habit-forming. For a daily bowel movement, about 30 minutes before bed take 1 tsp of Triphala powder mixed well in a few ounces of warm or room temperature water. Repeat this aforementioned regimen in the morning. Both Western and traditional medicine can agree that health begins in the gut, so take a few moments daily to easily care for yours and ensure a comfortable daily bowel movement.

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