How to Induce Adrenaline Release

Adrenaline rushes occur when your body releases large amounts of a hormone known as epinephrine. Your adrenal glands produce and secrete this hormone. Its primary function is to increase blood circulation to your brain and muscles. When an adrenaline rush occurs, the increase in epinephrine production causes rapid heart rate and a feeling of excitement. Increasing your epinephrine output too often can be dangerous to your health by increasing risk of heart attack. Exercise extreme caution when opting to increase your adrenaline.

Perform high-intensity exercise to jump-start your adrenal glands. Exercise places a moderate amount of stress on your body, causing your adrenal glands to produce higher levels of epinephrine. Although this does boost your adrenaline production, do not overexert yourself. Too much stress on the adrenal glands can cause health complications.

Climb rocks, hills or mountains to gain altitude. According to a study published in "Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise," high altitudes can increase epinephrine production without promoting too much stress on your adrenal glands.

Travel or plan day trips that include activities such as whitewater rafting, skydiving or going on fast amusement park rides. These activities are not only exhilarating, but also create a feeling of danger to increase your epinephrine production by utilizing your natural defense mechanisms.

Sign up for a sports team such as softball, baseball or football. Sporting events are an ideal way to get exercise while inducing an adrenaline rush. Several factors, such as the spectators and competition, play an important role in the production of epinephrine during sports activities.

Fall in love all over again with your sweetheart by flirting or becoming intimate. Falling in love and participating in sexual activity increases your adrenaline, which is the cause of your rapid heart beat, euphoric feeling and anticipation. According to "Your Amazing Brain," this also releases the stress hormone cortisol to accentuate to effect.