How Can I Make My Teeth Straight Without Braces?

If your teeth are crowded or misaligned, you may be interested in straightening them.

Braces are a popular treatment option; however, some people prefer not to use these devises to align their teeth.

If you are one of those people, there are a couple other treatment options, such as Invisalign or retainers that might work for you. Partner with your dentist or orthodontist to see if one of these treatments is right for you in your goal to straighten your teeth without braces.

Visit your orthodontist. An orthodontist has the best options available for aligning the teeth. If you don’t currently have an orthodontist, contact the American Association of Orthodontists to find a local doctor. The doctor will examine your teeth and make treatment recommendations based on your specific teeth and goals.

Use clear aligners, such as Invisalign. An orthodontist who works with this product provides a series of aligners that are switched out every couple weeks. Each aligner is created exclusively for your teeth to gently shift each tooth’s placement within your mouth. This treatment is comfortable and effective, according to Invisalign is approved for patients who have their second molars at least partially erupted, according to Most teens will qualify for treatment.

Use retainers. Some dentists recommend the use of a retainer after using braces. However, for minor smile imperfections, you might be able to skip the braces and use the retainer alone. These devises are used to realign teeth without the use of braces. Most people start using these devises in their teen years and wear until early or middle 20s.

Request a cost estimate from your orthodontist. These treatments can be expensive. For example, the cost of Invisalign treatments is as high as $8,000, according to Some insurance companies won’t pay the bill if the reason for treatment is purely cosmetic. Contact your insurance company to learn about your coverage.


Alignment tools, such as Invisalign and retainers allow you to brush your teeth normally. Ask your doctor to demonstrate the proper way to remove devises for brushing and flossing.


Not all dentists offer Invisalign devises. When contacting doctors ask if he or she offers these treatment options before setting up an appointment. This will ensure you have access to the treatment you seek.