Grants for Single Mothers to Buy a House

Grants provide financial assistance to individuals, organizations and communities. From low-income housing to community development and education, grants have been used for decades to improve the welfare of many people and provide subsidies for those who need it. Grant programs have been introduced to assist the growing number of single parents with purchasing a home.

The Nehemiah Foundation

The Nehemiah Foundation is one of the most appealing financial assistance options for single moms hoping to buy a home. The Nehemiah Foundation was established to assist single parents in making their down payment for a house they wish to purchase. Based on the individual circumstances of each applicant, the foundation will provide a payment of up to 6 percent of the sales price of the home the mother is interested in purchasing. Because the program is extremely popular and funds are limited, single mothers are encouraged to read the application carefully and supply all requested information.

Habitat for Humanity

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Although it is not a grant in the traditional sense, Habitat for Humanity offers single mothers an opportunity to own their own home by building it themselves using a grant provided by the program. Once the single parent has been qualified and approved for a home, she is partnered with a group of volunteers to begin building the home. After the house is built, the single mother and her children move into the home and pay an affordable mortgage on a monthly basis. The monthly mortgage cost is based on the amount the homeowner is comfortably able to pay. Habitat for Humanity is a program based on Christian faith; however, it is available to single moms of any religion. To apply for the program and for information on availability, contact the Habitat for Humanity location in your area. The grants are offered on an as-needed basis and require documentation, such as proof of income.


The Department of Housing and Urban Development, commonly known as HUD, can help a single mother with professional advice when it comes to making a decision regarding home ownership. The services provided by HUD are meant to assist the mother with anything she may need during the application process. When contacting HUD, the applicant should specify that she is a single mother looking for a house. It is important to note that many HUD offices have waiting lists, some as long as three years. One of the more common programs involves home ownership vouchers, but the grants and services provided by HUD depending on the applicants individual circumstances.