Drinking Wine After Flagyl

It can be dangerous to drink alcohol while taking certain medications. Drinking wine while taking Flagyl, also known as metronidazole, can cause unpleasant side effects. How consistently these side effects will occur is unclear, however. Before starting Flagyl or any other medication, talk to your doctor about potential interactions with alcohol.

Flagyl and Alcohol

People taking Flagyl are often instructed to avoid consuming alcohol while using the medication and for one day after finishing the course of antibiotics --- three days if you're taking oral capsules. Consuming alcohol while taking Flagyl can cause:

  • stomach cramps
  • an upset stomach
  • headache
  • nausea
  • flushing
  • vomiting

The likelihood of this interaction is unclear, however, because no clinical studies demonstrate a significant interaction between alcohol and Flagyl, according to 2013 information from EMedTV. Nevertheless, because of the potential for this interaction, you probably shouldn't drink wine or other forms of alcohol while taking Flagyl.