Does Candy Cause Stomach Aches?

There are a wide range of causes that can give rise to an upset stomach, and unfortunately, candy is one of them. Candy contains ingredients that can cause your body to produce more gas. It can also contribute to stomach aches simply because it is so often easy to overeat the sweet treats. If you experience serious or ongoing pain you should talk to a doctor.

Candy and Gas

Candy is primarily made from sugar, a type of carbohydrate. Carbohydrates can cause your body to produce gas as a natural part of the digestive process. If this gas builds up in your gastrointestinal tract it can cause stomach or abdomen pain. reports that common high-carbohydrates foods that are known to cause gas pains include broccoli, baked beans, carbonated drinks, chewing gum, apples and hard candy.

Sugar-free Candy

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For diabetics or those who want to avoid calories while still indulging in a sweet treat, sugar-free foods can, unfortunately, also cause stomach ache. The National Digestive Disease Information Clearinghouse reports that many sugar-free candies contain sorbitol, a sweetener also found naturally in some fruits. Foods that contain sorbitol can cause a buildup of gas and lead to abdominal pain or upset stomach.


If you're fond of sweet treats, this may lead you to overindulge in your favorite candy. Overindulgence or eating too much can, in itself, lead to an upset stomach or abdominal pain. If you eat too much of anything at one time, this can cause abdominal pain, tiredness and high blood sugar and insulin levels, according to the College of the Canyons. Overeating sugary foods such as candy can exacerbate the elevated blood sugar and insulin levels and, in the long-term contribute to weight gain, tooth decay and obesity.

Prolonged Stomach Pain

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While candy can commonly lead to an upset stomach, pains that last for more than 24 to 48 hours may not be only the result of eating the wrong food. If eliminating the candy from your diet or using over the counter aids do not alleviate your stomach pains, you should consult your physician as they can be caused by a wide range of medical problems ranging from ulcers to digestive tract diseases.