Difference Between Similac & Isomil

Similac is a brand of baby formula. Baby formula is what newborn babies drink during the first year of life. Isomil is a type of formula that is produced under the Similac name.


Similac formula was introduced in 1927 by the Moores and Ross Milk Company, which is today known as Abbott Nutrition. It was named Similac because of the simulated lactation for the babies. In 1966, Isomil was created by the same company as Similac.



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Similac is a milk-based baby formula. Isomil is a soy-based baby formula that was created to help with common feeding problems of newborns.


Similac formula uses a special blend that mimics that of natural breastmilk. It includes omegas such as DHA and ARA, which help support brain and eye development. Isomil is a soy-based formula that helps ease stomach problems such as spit-up and gas.



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More than 10 different types of formulas that help with various infant feeding problems are found under the Similac name. Similac also created Isomil DF for help with loose stools and diarrhea in babies.


Similac and Isomil baby formula come in various forms and sizes. The formula can be bought as a powder or liquid, and even in ready-to-feed bottles.