Alimentum Alternatives

People sometimes turn to Similac’s Alimentum when their babies get colic due to digestive sensitivity to other formulas, but sometimes the switch doesn’t help. Further, it can be an expensive switch. There are, however, alternatives to Alimentum. Sometimes, it is unknown why one formula works better for a baby than another, and a caretaker must use trial and error to choose the best nourishment.

Breast Milk

The best thing a person can be feeding a baby is real human breast milk. It contains the balance of vitamins, minerals, sugars, proteins and fats that a newborn baby needs, and it also carries important antibodies unavailable in any other form. A sensitive baby should be able to tolerate breast milk well. However, if a person is unable to provide breast milk to a baby, there are other alternatives to the Alimentum.

Good Start


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Good Start, made by Nestle, is an alternative to Alimentum containing pre-broken-down whey protein, or partially hydrolyzed whey protein. If the baby has an allergy to cow’s milk, however, Good Start will not work for him. Also note that Nestle has a track record of misrepresenting its products, as when they were legally made in 1989 to remove the claim that their Good Start formula was “hypoallergenic.” Further, in the 1970s, they misled women in less economically developed countries to believe that their formula would be better for infants than breast milk, even when local water sources were potentially contaminated.

Nutramigel Lipel

Made by Enfamil, Nutramigel Lipil is a formula for sensitive babies suffering from colic due to an allergy to cow’s milk protein. It attempts to imitate some of the beneficial parts of breast milk, such as DHA (Omega-3 fatty acids), ARA (arachidonic acid), and choline. It is lactose- and sucrose-free, and contains iron. It contains hydrolyzed cow milk proteins, however, which are proven to be useful when a baby has a cow milk protein allergy.



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Pregestamil, also made by Enfamil, is a formula especially made for babies who have trouble absorbing the fat in other formulas. This is usually due to problems like short-bowel syndrome, steatorrhea, cystic fibrosis and diarrhea that won’t go away. This formula is usually used with the recommendation of a doctor.

Soy-Based Formulas

If it is solely a cow’s milk allergy that a baby is suffering from and not a general protein sensitivity, a soy-based formula may solve the problem. These are soy based, but read the ingredients to confirm that they contain no cow milk at all, including whey.

Homemade Formula

It is also possible to make a baby formula at home, although this is not recommended by the FDA. The sensitivity that has prompted the use of Alimentum could be caused by another ingredient in conventional baby formulas, so a homemade formula such as those recommended by the Weston A. Price Foundation can be a plausible alternative.