What Is the Average Height of a One-Year-Old?

The first year of life is filled with milestones, and it is a time to grow. How tall a baby should be on her first birthday depends on many factors.


Most one-year-old babies are between 28 and 29 inches in height, but if your baby is not within this range, don't worry Your baby's pediatrician has kept tabs on this progress during the previous well-care exams.

Growth Charts

Girl Blowing Out Her First Birthday Candle

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A child's development is determined through a growth chart. These charts show health care providers how children grow compared to other children their age. Pediatricians document the baby's height to see whether he is developing proportionately.


The percentile your baby belongs in refers to how she compares to other children. For example, a baby whose height is in the 75th percentile is taller than 75 percent of children around her age. She is also 25 percent smaller than her peers.


Girl Blowing Out Her First Birthday Candle

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Doctors interpret the overall well-being, environment, and genetic background of the child. If the child growth has slowed and she is meeting other milestones, then the doctor may determine that a problem does not exist. Any questions you have about your child should be directed toward the pediatrician.