What Reputable Stores Sell the Oral HCG Supplement?

Human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG for short, is a natural hormone that women produce during pregnancy. Proponents of the HCG diet claim that consuming oral HCG supplements helps boost your metabolism, resulting in rapid weight loss. Since HCG is a dietary supplement, it is important to purchase it from a reputable supplier.

Several well-known chains of stores offer a variety of HCG supplements so you can start your diet plan. While HCG supplements are probably safe if you are generally healthy, let you doctor know before you begin a new diet plan.

Diet Plan

The HCG diet plan involves changing your eating habits in addition to taking oral supplements. In the first phase, you do not need to take your HCG, but you do need to build up your fat stores. During the first couple days, you can eat whatever you want, focusing on high-fat foods. Throughout the second phase, which lasts for several weeks, you have to restrict your caloric intake to as little as 500 calories per day.

In the final phase, you can slowly start to introduce more foods into your diet, upping your caloric intake.

You need to take your oral HCG supplements several times per day during the second and third phases.

While you might experience some weight loss on the HCG diet, taking such a drastic cut in calories is probably the main culprit for shedding pounds, according to Jennifer Nelson, a registered dietitian with Mayo Clinic. More research needs to be conducted to see if HCG alone, benefits weight loss.


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GNC, which is short for General Nutrition Center, is one of the leading retailers of over-the-counter dietary supplements. The business model of this company focuses on conducting scientific research to provide customers with the highest quality supplements. GNC is a worldwide company that claims to be the largest supplier of nutritional supplements.

This reputable store sells many varieties of the oral HCG supplement. One oral HCG product, which comes in liquid drops, requires you to consume a 1 milliliter dropper full of HCG before you eat your two biggest meals of the day.

The Vitamin Shoppe

The Vitamin Shoppe is another leading reputable supplier of dietary supplements. According to VitaminShoppe.com, the company has stores in 37 states as of 2011. This growing company focuses on supporting health and wellness campaigns within the community.

The Vitamin Shoppe offers a few different types of oral HCG, including HCG in liquid capsules. This form of the supplement requires you to take two capsule before both lunch and dinner.


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Like its competitors, Hi-Health is a retailer of nutritional products. This company is small and based out of Arizona, but it also sells many products on its website. Hi-Health educates its staff on the latest trends to provide you with the best advice for your specific needs.

This company offers several different HCG products. One HCG supplement the company offers comes in liquid drops and encourages you to consume 2 milliliters of the supplement two times throughout the day.