Side Effects of Fertility Blend for Women

Fertility blend is a scientifically supported fertility supplement that, according to the Fertility Blend website, has helped hundreds of thousands of couples to increase their fertility. The contents of fertility blend are based off of studies conducted that show the optimum amounts of nutritional components necessary for improved fertility. While the ingredients in fertility blend have been optimized for safety, the supplement is not without some side effects.

Lack of Major Side Effects

According to a pilot study done by Doctor Lynn Westphal, major side effects were not found in women taking the Fertility Blend. This information is based on a study 29 women, 14 of which were administered Fertility Blend and 15 of which were issued a placebo.


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Based on results from the pilot group study performed by Doctor Lynn Westphal, the supplement caused nausea in two of the 14 subjects tested. It was later determined that these test subjects took the supplement on an empty stomach and that is believed to have been the cause.

Menstrual Cycle

Several women noted changes in their menstrual cycle after taking Fertility Blend. One woman reported more regular cycles after taking the supplement and two other women reported shorter cycles. Lastly, one participant reported an irregular cycle as a result of taking the supplement.

Beneficial Effects

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According to another clinical study performed by Doctor Westphal, once again, there were no negative side effects reported. A total of 93 women took part in the study, 53 of whom were given Fertility Blend, and 40 of whom were given a placebo. Of the 53 women on Fertility Blend, 17 conceived after three months compared to four in the placebo group.