How to Wear a Maternity Belly Support Belt

Throughout your pregnancy, your body is continuously making adjustments to accommodate the growth of your baby. The ligaments that support your uterus are also adapting as they stretch to support your expanding uterus. These ligaments, known as the round ligaments, may cause pain or discomfort when strained. A maternity belt supports your growing belly, providing temporary relief to the round ligaments when worn just below your abdomen. A noninvasive device, a maternity support belt rests comfortably over your undergarments.

Rest the abdominal support pad or ASP directly under your belly. The pad should rest just above your pelvic area.

Wrap the strap that connects to the ASP around your body until it meets the opposite side of the pad. Fasten the strap to the pad via the hook and loop fastener.

Attach the belt to one side of the ASP using the hook and loop fastening system. Stretch the belt around your back and attach the other end of the belt to the ASP using the hook and loop fastener. Reposition the hook and loop fastener to loosen or tighten the belt.

Hook the tummy strap to the upper corner of the ASP and wrap it around the top of your belly until it reaches the opposite corner of the ASP. Attach the tummy strap with the hook and loop fastener. Adjust the maternity belt as needed for maximum comfort.


Not all maternity support belts come with the tummy strap. Some manufacturers offer the tummy strap for additional support. Maternity belts come in various dimensions based on dress size. When combined with a pair of comfortable shoes and good posture, a maternity belt can also help relieve back pain associated with pregnancy.


Do not wrap the maternity belt too tightly around your body. The maternity belt should not interfere with walking or sitting. Do not wrap the maternity belt across the center of your pregnant belly.