Kombucha Tea and Pregnancy

What you eat and drink during pregnancy is an important consideration. Choosing nutritious foods ensures that your growing baby has the vitamins and minerals she needs to develop normally. Certain foods and drinks, however, aren't safe and should be avoided, and kombucha tea is one thing you should skip until you deliver your little one, according to the Drugs.com website.

What Is Kombucha Tea?

Kombucha tea is a fermented carbonated drink that has a taste similar to wine. It's made by combining black tea with yeast and a type of bacteria called kombucha mushrooms -- which isn't actually a mushroom at all. Kombucha tea has been around for thousands of years and has been thought of as a fountain of youth, as well as being used as a treatment for pain and digestive disorders.

Research is Lacking

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Although many people believe that kombucha tea can help keep them young, as well as act as a remedy for numerous health problems, there aren't any credible research studies to back the claims up, the American Nutrition Association notes. In fact, no human studies, let alone any with pregnant women, have been done to show whether any of the health claims are true, according to the American Cancer Society.

Contains Alcohol

Kombucha tea contains alcohol. Although the amount is quite small, drinking alcohol during pregnancy comes with risks. You shouldn't have any alcohol during pregnancy, no matter how small the amount, the American Pregnancy Association advises. Exposure to alcohol can cause developmental delays. It might also cause fetal alcohol syndrome, which can cause mental retardation, bone disorders and poor motor skills in your newborn, according to the American Pregnancy Association.

More to Consider

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Pregnant woman should not drink kombucha tea, according to the American Cancer Society. The tea can be contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria, aside from the kombucha bacteria, which could make you or your unborn baby sick. Severe acidosis is another potential complication, and it causes dangerous acid levels in bodily fluids; it is rare but can be fatal. About 4 ounces of kombucha tea per day can be safe for most people but not for pregnant women.