Egg Donor Pros & Cons

As with anything else, there are pros and cons to donation eggs to couples seeking to get pregnant. Fertile women around the world donate eggs to egg donor banks to be used for artificial insemination procedures for infertile couples. Some donate out of the kindness of their hearts while others get paid. Regardless, the procedure involves both risks and benefits, which both egg donors and recipients of eggs should know about in order to make educated and informed decisions regarding the controversial process.


There are both pros and cons on a psychological level when it comes to egg donation. Many women feel happy to be able to donate eggs to a donor bank or to a couple that has been unable to conceive. However, some women, according to an article written in "Fertility and Sterility," one of out five women may also face doubts and concerns about how their donation will eventually be used to conceive a child, and how that child will be raised.

Some egg donation brokers seek specific types of individuals according to race, genetics, intelligence, and physical characteristics. While such screening does help couples to receive eggs that may more closely match them in appearance, there are no absolute guarantees that such eggs will produce the characteristics a couple specifies. This screening process has also been likened to a 'master race' mentality, which may prompt negative attitudes toward the donor or the recipient.

Monetary Benefits


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In some countries, egg donations are viewed as an organ donation, and donors are not paid for their donations. In some places, cash is offered per donation. An article written by "U.S. News" stated that women could be offered about $4,000 to donate in a single harvesting attempt, with up to dozens of eggs being harvested per session.


Some of the risks associated with egg donation may include, but are not limited to, infection, pain, cramping and overstimulation of the ovary, which may alter menstrual cycles.include:

  • Some of the risks associated with egg donation may include
  • but are not limited to
  • infection
  • pain
  • cramping
  • overstimulation of the ovary
  • which may alter menstrual cycles

No studies to date have determined whether the egg harvesting procedure interferes with a woman's ability to conceive on her own, or whether the process affects fertility.