Floradix & Pregnancy

Anemia during pregnancy can lead to complications in the growth and development of the unborn baby, and in the health of the mother as well. A simple finger stick tests iron levels to determine the presence of anemia.

If you are found to be anemic, many supplements are available to restore iron. Floradix is a liquid iron supplement that is easy to take and can be purchased online or in health food stores and some drugstores nationwide.

Importance of Iron in Pregnancy

During pregnancy, maternal blood volume increases by approximately 50 percent.

Anemia is common in pregnant women because additional hemoglobin is required for the additional blood volume. Iron plays a large role in the production of hemoglobin and more is required to keep up with production.

Additionally, the developing baby and the placenta use iron, which further taxes your body for iron. Floradix is an over-the-counter iron supplement often recommended to treat iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women.

Iron Requirements

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According to the Cleveland Clinic, pregnant women need 30 mg of iron per day. Iron can be consumed in iron rich foods including beef, chicken, eggs, peas, lentils, spinach, liver, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and molasses. If you have difficulty eating these foods due to morning sickness or food intolerances, supplementation with Floradix can help supply the iron necessary for a healthy pregnancy.

Benefits of Floradix

Iron supplements are famous for causing digestive intolerance such as nausea and constipation.

These side effects occur because many iron supplements are not easily absorbed. The excess iron in the digestive tract can cause unwanted side effects that make iron supplementation unpopular for some pregnant women. Floradix is a liquid iron supplement that claims to have a higher absorption rate, as much as 25 percent, compared to tablet supplements that may have an absorption rate of only 2 to 10 percent. This higher absorption rate eliminates the unpleasant side effects of other iron supplements.


Pregnant young woman looking at her belly

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If your doctor or midwife determines that you are anemic, Floradix may be recommended for you. The recommended dosage of Floradix is 10 ml twice each day before meals.

You can take Floradix with orange juice to increase absorption of the iron, but do not take within two hours of drinking milk or dairy to prevent iron from being fully absorbed. Follow your provider’s recommendations and dosage instructions if they differ from the manufacturer's recommendations.