Red Bumps Under an Infant's Chin

Almost every baby develops red bumps on his skin at some point and most parents are left to wonder what the cause might be. Red bumps on the chin can have any number of causes but they're usually harmless and will typically clear up on their own or with simple home treatment.


Infants of all ages can experience skin irritation on the chin that shows up in the form of red bumps. Red bumps that look like pimples and that are present at birth or appear in the early weeks after birth are most likely baby acne. Bumps around the chin and mouth that appear in older infants are usually a sign of harmless skin irritation; sometimes these bumps are accompanied by a flat or slightly raised rash, according to


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Newborn acne doesn't have a clear cause but many experts believe these red bumps result from the hormones that a fetus receives from its mother at the end of pregnancy, reports BabyCenter. On the other hand, an ordinary bumpy rash typically appears when drool, food, milk or pacifiers sit on the skin, or when your baby's chin comes in contact with something irritating such as sunblock, bubble bath, harsh shampoos or detergents, swimming pools or any number of potentially irritating substances.


Baby acne usually heals itself within a few weeks or months. It doesn't bother your baby so don't pick at the bumps and avoid using special washes or lotions, which may just irritate the delicate skin further. Treatment isn't needed to heal a rash from skin irritation either, but recommends applying Aquaphor ointment, lanolin ointment or one percent hydrocortisone cream twice a day to promote healing.


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Both baby acne and facial rashes are common among infants. Acne is entirely unavoidable but you can decrease the likelihood of your baby reacting to skin irritants by keeping her face clean and dry as much as possible and avoiding harsh products. If your baby frequently reacts to lotions and detergents, try using fragrance-free and hypoallergenic products and perform a patch test before applying a new product to large areas of skin.


Newborn acne and irritated rashes are two of the biggest explanations for red bumps appearing on a baby's chin. However, bumps are a symptom of many other problems and illnesses; if your baby seems bothered by the bumps, if they worsen significantly or if they don't seem to be healing, consult your child's doctor to rule out any problems.