Unusual Possible Signs of Pregnancy

Traditional symptoms of pregnancy such as missing a period or morning sickness, are recognized easily. However, there are other symptoms that also point to pregnancy—even though they are less common. If any of the unusual symptoms apply to you and you feel that you may be pregnant, purchase a home pregnancy test or consult with your doctor to schedule an appointment for verification.

Changes in the Hair and Skin

Abnormal hair growth, spider veins, changes in skin pigmentation and varicose veins are all unusual signs that you may be pregnant, according to EarlyPregnancy-Symptom.Info. Spider veins are small veins that are red and show up near the skin. They are not harmful in any way. Varicose veins are blue and can become painful. Changes in skin pigmentation occur most frequently in the neck, face and other areas that are regularly exposed to sunlight. Any birthmarks or moles that you have may also become darker during your pregnancy. Hair growth on the face and other strange places such as the breasts or stomach, can also be indications of pregnancy.

Urinary Incontinence

Tiny Red Dots on the Skin in Pregnancy

Tiny Red Dots on the Skin in Pregnancy

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Urinary incontinence is another unusual pregnancy symptom, according to Parenting Pregnancy. It isn't necessarily hard to hold the urine, but fast and sudden motions such as sneezing, coughing or laughing can cause urine to release involuntarily. When a woman becomes pregnant, her bladder is more sensitive than usual which results in frequent urination. When the muscles in the abdomen contract suddenly, the ability to hold the urine in is often overwhelmed. Performing kegel exercises can often help strengthen the urinary sphincter.


Moodiness is an unusual sign of pregnancy that often occurs during the early stages, according to Teen Pregnancy Statistics. The increased levels of hormones in your body can cause you to become jumpy and irritable. You may experience intense mood swings where you go from being happy and bubbly to angry or depressed in a matter of moments. If you are pregnant with your first child, these mood swings may be more common as you may be confused about what is happening or may be in denial about the pregnancy. Sometimes, all it takes is a little alone time and the mood will pass.