How to Announce a Pregnancy for a Third Baby

Your third child isn't any less special than your first or second child, so you can go ahead and announce your third pregnancy with the same flair you gave to your first two pregnancies. Deciding how and when to announce your pregnancy is a very personal decision. Fortunately, there is no wrong way to share the news about your new addition and your imagination is your best asset.

Involve your kids, who will be thrilled to be included in your pregnancy disclosure scheme, so let them in on the fun. Give them T-shirts that say, "Future Big Brother" or "Future Big Sister." Have the kids model the shirts and wait to see how long it takes until the adults figure it out.

Take a group photo. Under the guise of taking a family picture, have everyone gather together. Hold the camera up and say, "Say cheese" for the first picture. Next, say you want one more, then say, "I'm pregnant." Take the picture and capture their reaction forever.

Make it a surprise. Hide a camcorder in your house and point it toward your dining room table. Invite everyone over for a midday brunch. After everyone is seated in front of the camera, say you have an announcement to make and then share the big news. You'll have everyone's surprise reaction recorded to watch on future birthdays and special occasions.

Send custom baby announcements to family and friends who are too far away to tell in person. Find a card that has a voice recorder inside and record a message to your loved ones sharing the news. When they open the card, they'll find your voice inside spilling the beans.

Give gifts around the holidays. If you're lucky enough that your pregnancy news comes near the holidays, then consider giving special gifts to surprise your loved ones. Wrap some baby booties in tiny boxes and place a box for each grandparent under the Christmas tree. Tell them to open their gifts together and see who figures it out first.

Flaunt your ultrasound pictures. Get some copies made of your ultrasound pictures. Buy some photo albums and put pictures all over your house and office. Hang one in your car. People will begin asking you about them eventually, and you will be able to tell everyone individually.