Adult Lazy Eye Exercises

The term "lazy eye" describes a problem between neural pathways in the brain and eye that result in a loss of vision. Lazy eye exercises for adults are designed to strength the ocular muscles in an effort to correct a lazy eye. Although corrective surgery is often required to repair a lazy eye, wearing eye patches and glasses in conjunction with eye exercises can also help strengthen and fix a lazy eye.


Before starting a lazy eye exercise regimen, consider the alternatives. For some individuals, corrective eye wear such as contact lenses and eyeglasses can help improve the health of the eye. In severe cases of amblyopia, individuals may require surgery to correct the lazy eye. Before starting lazy eye exercises, consult an ophthalmologist to determine whether eye exercises will be useful in your particular case.


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Types of adult lazy eye exercises range from palming techniques to eye rolling exercises. In addition to short sets of muscle-based eye exercises, placing an eye patch over your good eye will strengthen the muscle of your lazy eye by forcing it to work twice as hard. This type of eye exercise is only effective if you are suffering from strabismus, a muscle imbalance that causes the eye to wander.


Cup the palms of one hand over each eye (left over left and right over right) and interlace your fingers on your forehead. Remain in this position for five to 10 minutes. Breathe deeply.

Time Frame

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Adult lazy eye exercises must be performed over an extended period of time to produce significant results. Palming exercises can be performed daily for 10 to 20 minutes a day. Because the act of palming causes little to no strain to your eyes, it can be performed as long as you continue to see results. Two to four weeks is a standard time frame to wear an eye patch.


Adult lazy eye exercises can help strengthen the muscles responsible for positioning your eyes. If a tumor or structural abnormality of the eye is causing the lazy eye, exercises will have no effect on your vision or eye movement. In addition, lazy eye exercises can only be effective if they are performed consistently.