How to Adjust a Fisher Price Baby Gate

Parents need eyes in the backs of their heads to keep an active baby or toddler in view at all times.

Cordoning off a baby-safe area for your child to play in certainly beats baby-proofing an entire household. Fisher Price answered this need with the Step Lock Baby Gate, an easy-to-use gate that allows parents to lock out more dangerous parts of the home to their baby or toddler. Gates install and adjust quickly without the need for hardware and can travel from one room to another with a minimum of effort.

Close the baby gate by compacting it, ensuring the bottom of the gate remains level on the floor. Install the gate only against vertical, flat surfaces—never on curved or irregular walls.

Unlock the gate by pulling the baby gate lever release on the bottom of the unit to the left while simultaneously pulling up on the locking lever next to it. Align the locking lever triangle with the threshold triangle on the bottom of the unit.

Position the gate up next to the door or wall area you plan to block, making sure the locking lever remains on the opposite side of where your child will be. Push the top stationary panel pad against one of the surfaces. Once the gate is closed, the bottom pad will also engage and connect with the surface.

Expand the gate, sliding the panel out until the pads on the movable side engage with the opposite sides of the wall or doorway. The maximum width of the gate expands to 36 inches. If full expansion does not line three of the four pads up solidly against both surfaces, find another location.

Ensure the gate remains in a vertical upright position before locking into place. Check to see that the top and bottom pads are even and aligned with each other on both sides of the gate.

Move the locking lever into the locked position by stepping down on it until you hear it engage in place with a solid “click”.

Give a firm shake to the structure to make sure it is not wobbly and to ensure your baby cannot disengage it when pulling on the gate. Make sure the locking lever is all the way down in the locked position.

To open the door, firmly grasp the handle while pressing the release button. Hold the button while you disengage the gate hook. Lift and pull the door open.

Close the door by pushing it closed until it securely locks back into the gate hook. Look to see if the door lock shows any red. If so, the door is not locked into place.


Remove the unit by disengaging the locking lever release while pulling up on it. Align the two triangles and slide the two panels together. Keep the pad surfaces clean by washing them regularly with warm soapy water. Dry the pads thoroughly with a clean cloth. Sticky or gummy pads can affect the holding strength of the door.


The baby gate has a raised threshold, above the surface of the floor. Always step carefully over the threshold when stepping through the gate.