Can You Use Caladryl Lotion on a Baby?

Caladryl Lotion is a brand name for pramoxine, a topical cream that is used to treat itching and burning skin caused by insect bites, sunburn or other skin irritations.

Pramoxine is an anesthetic that works by blocking pain signals from the nerve receptors in your skin. While pramoxine is generally safe for most adults, manufacturers recommend that you consult a doctor before using it on children under 2.

Children Under 2 states that you should not use lotions that contain pramoxine on children under 2 years old without first speaking to a doctor.

The effectiveness and safety of using pramoxine on a child under 2 has not been extensively studied. Your doctor may suggest using a different medication for skin irritation on your baby.

Side Effects

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Using pramoxine lotion on a small child may lead to side effects, according to Children are more likely to experience side effects from pramoxine than adults. If you are using pramoxine on your small child and you believe that your child is not growing or developing properly, discontinue using the pramoxine and talk to your child's docto. Severe side effects from using pramoxine include allergic reactions, a worsening of skin irritation, skin redness and swelling.

Safety in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding states that it is unknown whether a mother can safely use pramoxine while she is pregnant or breastfeeding. If you are pregnant, talk to your doctor before using pramoxine to discuss the risks and benefits. It is unknown whether pramoxine passes into your breastmilk if you use the drug while nursing. Talk to your doctor to determine the risks of using pramoxine while nursing.


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If your baby has a skin irritation due to diaper rash, dry skin or other irritations, you have other options available. You can find several over-the-counter creams designed to treat rashes on infants at any drug store or baby supply store. Use mild soaps that don't contain fragrances when bathing your infant and allow your baby to spend time naked each day to give her skin the opportunity to breathe. If you believe your child has eczema or a severe skin condition, take her to a pediatrician to determine the safest way to treat her skin irritation.


If you have small children in your home, keep pramoxine and all other drugs out of a child's reach.

MedlinePlus states that if your child accidentally ingests or overdoses on pramoxine, you should call poison control immediately. If your child passes out or stops breathing after ingesting pramoxine, call 911 immediately.