Circular Rash in the Diaper Area on a Baby

Diaper rash is normal and is experienced by every baby, according to In many cases, rashes can be treated by a cream or ointment that contains medication like white zinc oxide or petroleum. Unusual rashes, such as those appearing in a circular pattern, may have a specific underlying cause and require special care.

Allergy Ring

A food allergy or sensitivity can cause a red circular rash around your baby’s anus after a bowel movement. According to, this type of rash can be caused by acidic foods such as oranges and tomatoes. If you think your baby’s rash is caused by a food allergy, eliminate the suspect foods from her diet to see if that helps. You may have to keep eliminating foods until you find the culprit. If you are breastfeeding, try eliminating suspect foods from your own diet, as the foods you eat can affect your milk.


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Ringworm is a fungal infection that is most common in children over two years of age, but it can occur in babies as well. It is characterized by scaly round patches that do not start out round, but grow to form a red ring around a smooth center. According to Babycenter, these patches can occur anywhere. Your baby can experience them in his diaper area from using infected towels or clothing. His doctor will examine him and may recommend an antifungal cream to apply twice a day for several weeks until the infection is gone.


It is possible for your baby to experience a circular rash in her diaper area as the result of irritation from her diapers or wipes. These baby products contain chemicals and scents that come into contact with her diaper area daily. To solve the problem, try switching brands of diapers and using unscented wipes made for sensitive skin.

Rash Prevention

Baby girl (6-9 months) lying by mother, laptop, diary and mobile phone

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You can help prevent diaper rashes by changing your baby frequently and as soon as you notice he has soiled his diaper. Be sure to wipe him completely and allow him some time without a diaper to give his skin a break from the moisture and friction.


If you are concerned about your baby’s diaper rash, call her doctor. You should also call her doctor if her rash will not go away or if she is irritable and has a fever.