How to Decorate a Baby Shower Chair

Making a Throne Fit for a Queen

Any woman who carries a baby for 40 long weeks, morning sickness and all, deserves to put up her feet and be adored. That may not be feasible every day, but her baby shower provides the perfect opportunity to go all out. All eyes will be on her while she opens gifts, so decorating her chair is an easy way to make her feel extra special. Whether you’re helping plan your own shower or planning a shower for a mama-to-be, you don’t need much more than tulle or fabric to quickly transform a regular chair into a throne befitting the occasion.

Choosing the Chair

Friends having fun at baby shower

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Opening gifts usually takes at least 30 minutes once you factor in all the oohs and aahs and photo breaks. The guest of honor may need to spend all or most of the shower sitting down, though, so be sure to choose a comfortable chair. A padded back and seat is preferable to plain wood or wicker, and the chair should have good back support. However, fabric chairs such as recliners aren’t easy to decorate since you need rails, spindles and legs to attach fabric. If you do pick a plain wooden chair, grab a few pillows to put on the seat and against the back for mom’s comfort.

Decorate Using Tulle

Tulle is lightweight, affordable, festive and available in tons of colors, which is why it’s a popular decor choice for baby showers. To decorate a shower chair with tulle, start by picking out one to three different colors that coordinate with the shower color scheme.

To decorate a chair with rails and spindles, cut strips around 10 feet long. You may need longer pieces if you’re decorating a larger-than-average chair. Hold the pieces with their ends together. You can braid or twist the colors together if you’d like. Find the middle of the tulle and hold it against the middle of the top rail of the chair back. Tie the tulle to the chair rail with a strip of ribbon or a piece of wire. Drape the rest of the tulle around the frame of the chair, securing it with ribbon or wire in a few places. If you used wire, tie bows or silk flowers around those spots to camouflage it. Gently pull the tulle to fluff it.

If you’re decorating a fabric chair that doesn’t have rails, lay the tulle out flat and layer a few pieces together. Wrap the tulle around the chair back. Bring the two ends of the tulle together behind the chair back and tie a bow using ribbon or more tulle.

Decorate Using Fabric

Friends having fun at baby shower

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Fabric can be used in the same way as tulle, but you have more options, too.

Using fabric is an easy way to conceal a chair that’s dented, stained or otherwise not attractive enough to suit the occasion. Drape a large sheet of silky fabric or a clean white sheet over the entire chair. Press the fabric into the seams around the seat cushion to make it fit snugly. To keep the fabric in place, wrap a wide strip of tulle around the chair back and tie it in a bow.

You can also give use your shower chair to present a meaningful gift to the mom-to-be. Buy or make a large knitted or quilted blanket for her to give to her child one day. Arrange it over the chair so it’s a surprise when she first enters the room. She can sit on it while she opens the gifts, then take it home as a treasured keepsake.